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They are collectible handmade badges for you to collect once you have explored a new country. Each piece of collectible badges is a great to not just make your bags stand out, but also express your personality through documenting your travels.


Record your unique footsteps

in your world journey

Collect a walker badge once you have explored a new country and form your unique set of walker badges to record your exploration.


Inspired by the idea of people starting to enthusiastically interact and share their travel stories when they talk about the places they have travelled to, colorful national flags of different countries and the “How are you?” greeting words in thier languages are beautifully embroidered on the walker badges.



Show pride for the countries you have visited and collect the badges to document your travel.

Express your Passionate attitude to connect with others

The greeting words embroidered on the badges not only encourage you to interact with others during your travels but also show those next to you your eagerness to interact and connect with them.


Strike up a conversation when you spot their collectible badges symbolizing the places they have visited.


Share your interesting travel stories and let them inspire others!


Expose your portable walker badges

all around the world

The handmade badges are installed with snap buttons so you can simply attach them onto our exclusive walker holder, which allows you to carry your walker badges all around the world.


Hang your unique walker holder on bags to expose your walker badges in your world exploration and also make your bags stand out!


Start your collection

Be a world walker and connect with the world.

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Our ideas come from

Nowadays people rely on technology, very much, to connect with each other and even use apps to meet new friends.

Why don’t we connect with others in simpler and more natural ways?


People spend much time looking at their social media platforms to look for conections.

Why don’t we simply look around and discover the people and beauties around us?


Sometimes we want to interact with strangers, but we find it awkward to start the conversation.

Carry the badges on your bag and show your passion to connect with others.

You will discover that travelers can actually be connected in a much simpler way.



With a slimline leather walker holder, carrying your badges wherever you are is no longer a hassle. Designed for stylish people who like to record and display their foodsteps in an organized and visible way, the portable walker holder can seamlessly attach to your badges and allow you to expose them on your bag in a cool way. Featuring a well fit internal compartment, walker holder also allows you to keep your cards and small items during the journey.


Your badges are charming.

Make them portable & collectible

with a Walker Holder

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