Your badges are charming

Make them portable and collectible with a

Walker Holder


Display your badges

in a stylish way

The lightweight, slimline leather tag is detailed with golden yellow stitching and the AWW stamp.


Strikingly tooled in gold, the “my journey never ends at” headline manifests your travel enthusiasm. With its compact size, the leather tag is perfectly proportioned to be hung on your bag and make a statement!

Combine style with practicality

Elegantly installed with golden small snap buttons, walker holder allows you to easily hold up to 18 badges on the two sides. With a removable small leather belt, you can connect the holder tight to your bag and remove from it effortlessly.

Featuring a well fit internal compartment, you can keep your cards and small items in the walker holder during the journey. You can store your transport card, train tickets or other small slim items in the handy holder and keep them within easy reach.


Hold your badges and cards

Show the world your footsteps and share your story.

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