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Connect delightful travel memories with our everyday life - so we can derive long-lasting pleasure from our ongoing journeys. 

- by creators of A World Walker

The Story

of AWW

A World Walker was born from the desire to make travel become one of the happiness streams in everyone's everyday life. 

One day in 2016, when we were enjoying the scenery on a cross-border train somewhere in Europe, we felt like the breathtaking views passed by us so fast that we barely remembered them vividly afterwards. 

Travel's like that. Travelling becomes so easy nowadays and we keep going on journeys from time to time - how well can we recall every trip that we had enjoyed so much some time ago? 

Travel creates moments that we experience happiness, but

the happiness sparked by adventures might just stay with us temporarily. 'How can we extend the travel pleasure even our trips are over?' we wondered. 

That's how the AWW concept was born - filling daily lives with things that warm our hearts by reminding us of the glee of travel. 

- Creator of A World Walker

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